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  • A-dec 300 Pro Dental Chair

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    A-dec 300 Pro: Fits today, flexible tomorrow

    Evolved performance Provide your clinic with more functionality, versatility, and forward-thinking design. The A-dec 300 Pro simplifies your practice by combining advanced features with renowned A-dec quality and reliability. Get connected Upgrade to A-dec+ for a connected experience—stay up to date with product enhancements, gain valuable data and diagnostics, and manage your equipment remotely. Flexible, scalable technology allows easy access to upgrades. Advanced, high-quality features provide accessible comfort for both practitioner and patient. Smart, long-lasting investment makes running your practice simple and seamless. Take a look at the A-dec 300 Pro Product Brochure [sf_modal header="REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT" link_type="button" link_text="Modal link" btn_colour="transparent-dark" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Request a quote for this product"] [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false"] [/sf_modal] https://youtu.be/5cPsdxyB63M
  • A-dec 500 Dental Chair

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    A-dec 500 – a legend, redefined In a world of complex technology and noise, we bring you intelligent simplicity and infallible peace of mind. Designed to function holistically and intuitively, the New A-dec 500 quietly slips into the background, reacting to your every move, without pause. Experience the next level A-dec 500. Take a look at the A-dec 500 Product Brochure [sf_modal header="REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT" link_type="button" link_text="Modal link" btn_colour="transparent-dark" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Request a quote for this product"] [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false"] [/sf_modal] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg4UstPwvG8
  • A-dec 500 Pro Dental Chair

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    A-dec 500 Pro: Experience a new level of connection

    Work smarter, not harder The future of dentistry is here, thanks to the A-dec 500 Pro. Featuring A-dec+ technology, this delivery system offers connectivity, accessibility, and flexibility that will change the way you work. Experience connectivity With seamless in-operatory control, this chair and its system connect with our A-dec+ updateable software platform to promote the successful evolution of your practice. Intuitive, responsive technology keeps your practice up to date. Optimal access leaves patients at ease while placing essentials comfortably within reach. Flexible integration allows for future upgrades and versatile configurations. Gentle, supportive care balances functionality with comfort to elevate the patient experience. Take a look at the A-dec 500 Pro Product Brochure [sf_modal header="REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT" link_type="button" link_text="Modal link" btn_colour="transparent-dark" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Request a quote for this product"] [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false"] [/sf_modal] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv2sgRyV9IY
  • Leica M320 D Dental Microscope

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    With Integrated 4K Camera

    Enjoy better visualisation during surgical and non surgical dental procedures, benefit from increased physical comfort, and show your expertise to peers and patients with astounding 4K images. Inspired by dentists ‐ With the M320 dental microscope you can achieve better treatment results and optimise outcomes through high precision micro-dentistry. To help you share your expertise with patients and peers you can record your procedures in impressive 4K image and video quality. Developed for dentists - The ergonomic microscope design of the M320 enhances your physical comfort and thus increases efficiency in different fields including restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry as well as periodontics and implantology. Not all products or services are approved or offered in every market and approved labeling and instructions may vary between countries. [sf_modal header="REQUEST A QUOTE FOR THIS PRODUCT" link_type="button" link_text="Modal link" btn_colour="transparent-dark" btn_type="standard" btn_size="standard" btn_icon="ss-star" btn_text="Request a quote for this product"]
  • AC 300 – Three Cylinder Compressor

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    When quality air matters - Cattani compressors and nothing says reliability like a 7-year warranty There are times when quality air is essential. That’s why Cattani dental air compressors deliver clean, dry, oil-free air to keep your practice and laboratory running. Our compressors are incredibly reliable and low maintenance. Take a look at the AC300 & AC300Q -Technical-Brochure
  • W&H LISA-SAFE Traceability Kit (to suit NEW LISA VA-B Steriliser)

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    LisaSafe label printer

    Creating a link to the patient file

    The LisaSafe label printer is a quick and easy tool for linking the sterilisation cycle and dental products used for treatment with the patient file. The label printer is connected to the Lisa “class B” autoclave. Bar code labels are only printed if the sterilisation cycle is successfully completed.
  • Miele Thermal Disinfector Washer – PG8591 (Stainless Steel)

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    Perfectly maintained instruments are longer lasting The Miele Dental Disinfector stand out as a clear choice, with the ability to wash, rinse, dry and disinfect. The PG8581 provides a systematic approach to instrument reprocessing, combining steps and enabling your staff to spend time with you or working with patients. The PG8591 is an extremely cost-effective means of cleaning instruments. The system features a very low per-cycle cost, with low water and detergent consumptions. In addition to the features offered with the PG8581 unit, the PG8591 offers fan-forced drying (Dry Plus) technology, ensuring perfect drying and a quicker 40 minute cycle compared to 42 minutes for the other unit. To prove the disinfection abilities of the Miele Dental Thermal Disinfector extensive biological and physical studies were conducted throughout the US and Germany. The disinfection parameters 93 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, provide high level disinfection. Although disinfection is not as absolute as and does not replace sterilization, it offers a high degree of protection against infection for dental professionals. Suggested starter configuration::
    • PG8591 Stainless Steel TDW unit
    • A102 Upper Basket
    • A151 Lower Basket
    • E379 Half Mesh Tray
    • E337/1 2/5 Insert for Instruments (upright)
    • E523 Half Insert for Hu-Friedy Cassettes
    • Dual Check Valve
    • Chemical Asepti MultiZyme, 5 Litre Liquid
    Take a look at the Miele PG8581 and PG8591 Brochure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh-GAGHLZAQ
  • W&H LARA XL (28L) Class B Steriliser

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    Xceeds Limits

    The device convinces with even more capacity, energy-saving, and fast type B cycles. Its connectivity and advanced traceability options make the steriliser ready for all individual needs now or in the future. Moreover, the easy navigation guarantees complete control of the workflow, saves time and offers full protection for you and your patients.

    Lara XL will exceed your expectations

    The technical expertise makes the difference. The Lara XL sterilizer is based on a sophisticated technical concept that offers future-oriented possibilities and significantly simplifies your workflow.

    Xceeding because

    • Eco Dry + technology
    • High capacity
    • Unique connectivity and upgradeability
    • Advanced traceability options
    • Easy to navigate
    • Environmentally friendly packaging The new environmentally friendly packaging is completely reusable and recyclable. Plastic components were reduced to a minimum. For 99% of its weight, the new package is made of cardboard and other fully biodegradable substances.
    Take a look at the LARA XL (28L) Class B Steriliser Brochure
  • W&H LYLA – 17L or 22L S-Class Steriliser

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    Siginificant for your needs

    S type sterilisation made by W&H is a safe and sustainable way to reprocess items, both wrapped and unwrapped. The Lyla steriliser enormously facilitates daily activities thanks to fast cycles, effortless interaction, reduced maintenance and additional upgrade functions to fulfil your individual needs.

    Discover upgradeability

    The Lyla steriliser offers the best cycle time in its segment and impresses through its upgradeability. The Activation Code system provides Activation Codes that offer a tailored opportunity to enhance additional features that meet your practice needs and comply with future requirements. Effectively, for customising and upgrading your steriliser.

    Smart upgrades

    From S to B: Needs and requirements may change. Prepare yourself now with Lyla. With the Activation Code system, additional functions can be activated according to your needs. The “B cycle” feature upgrades Lyla simply and quick to a B type steriliser according to EN 13060. Lyla will be a strong teammate to speed up your daily activities. Today and tomorrow. Convince yourself!

    Take a look at the Lyla Brochure

  • Acteon NEW PSPIX – Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner

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    SA-S7020006 NEW PSPIX Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner
    • Smallest unit on the market!
    • Very quick scanning times
    • Large and intuitive touch screen
    • Click and scan feature allows scanner to be reserved at the unit rather than each computer, reducing down time
    • Scans Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 and computer stitched bitewing images
    • Sterilisable tray
    • Networkable for up to 10 rooms
    Take a look at the PSPX Brochure
  • Midmark Preva Intra-oral X-ray

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    PREVA DC INTRAORAL X-RAY The Preva is the imaging workhorse of the dental office, used to detect cavities or other problem areas. With exceptional image quality and proven mechanics, Preva units are a pleasure to operate with seemingly effortless movement and drift-free positioning. Image Clarity Preva provides a 0.4-mm focal spot for sharp, well-defined details that allow easy identification of pathology with both film and digital sensors. Ease of Use The easy-to-use LCD control panel display with large icons helps to identify target tooth, receptor type and patient size while also offering 30 pre-programmed technique settings. Drift Free The proprietary dual-arm braking system helps the head stay exactly where you position it without sagging or drifting. Ergonomic The Preva system is designed for effortless movement and fast one-handed positioning. View Brochure
  • W&H Implantmed Plus (SET 6 SI-1023 Implantmed Wireless foot control, LED light)

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    Implantmed knows what surgeons and implantologists need! The new Implantmed from W&H ensures improved treatment safety for you and your patients. With the intuitive user interface, colour touch screen and glass surface the new Implantmed offers you the highest levels of comfort. The drive unit is ideal for the purpose with its automatic thread cutter function, automatic torque control and the W&H Osstell ISQ module for measuring the stability of implants, which is available as an accessory. For a stable implant In combination with the W&H Osstel ISQ module Implantmed allows the reliable measurement of implant stability. The measured implant stability quotient (ISQ value) is displayed directly on the screen. The automatic torque control offers you support in the safe insertion of implants.
    • Automatic thread cutter function
    • Accurate torque control
    • Stability measurement
    • Documentation
    Take a look at the Implant Tubings ImplantMed Elcomed Brochure
  • Turbo Smart B – with ISO 18 Hydrocyclone

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    Turbo Smart B - up to 4 surgeries
    • Inverter controlled for efficient performance
    • Can be simply connected in parallel to increase capacity and/or to include redundancy
    • SMART systems should be installed in a ventilated area, with an ambient temperature no greater than 35oC
    • All SMART systems are covered by a 3-year warranty
    Take a look at the Turbo Smart Brochure
  • Acteon X-MIND DC Xray Generator

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    RELIABILITY OF THE X-MIND AC AND DC GENERATORS The X-MIND AC® and DC® generators are renowned for their reliability along with their consistent performance. Two beam limitation devices made of lead and the expansion chamber ensure maximum protection for the practitioner and his personnel SHORTER EXPOSURE TIME WITH X-MIND DC GENERATOR Exposure times with the X-MIND DC generator are reduced when used with digital sensors. PROGRAMMABLE USER-DEFINED TIMER With the X-MIND timer, the micro-processor controlled exposure times are user-defined and programmable. The timer is compatible with digital imaging systems and can control two AC and/or DC generators alternatively.