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A-dec 300 Pro Dental Chair

A-dec 300 Pro Dental Chair

A-dec 300 Pro Dental Chair

A-dec 300 Pro: Fits today, flexible tomorrow

Evolved performance
Provide your clinic with more functionality, versatility, and forward-thinking design. The A-dec 300 Pro simplifies your practice by combining advanced features with renowned A-dec quality and reliability.

Get connected
Upgrade to A-dec+ for a connected experience—stay up to date with product enhancements, gain valuable data and diagnostics, and manage your equipment remotely.

Flexible, scalable technology allows easy access to upgrades.

Advanced, high-quality features provide accessible comfort for both practitioner and patient.

Smart, long-lasting investment makes running your practice simple and seamless.

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Compact, connected, and more powerful than ever

Get everything you want in a dental delivery system—and more—with the A-dec 300 Pro. More functionality. More versatility. More forward-thinking design.

Enhanced control pads provide an intuitive, responsive, and dynamic user interface. When combined with the optional A-dec+ Gateway, you get a connected experience that can grow with your practice.

A-dec 300 Pro Delivery System | Compact & Connected

Flexible design

The modular, compact A-dec 300 Pro delivery system is easy to customize. Get the configuration that fits you today, with the flexibility to upgrade in the future. It’s a system that can grow with your dental practice.

A-dec 300 Pro dental delivery system showing flexible design

Accessible comfort

Everything you need is easy to position and comfortably within reach. Close-in to your patient, your posture is healthy and your view is clear.

A-dec 300 Pro dental chair, delivery system, and dental light in operatory

Evolved performance

The A-dec 300 Pro delivery system makes practicing dentistry simple and seamless. Stay fully focused on the patient, knowing your equipment will respond exactly as you expect.

A-dec 300 Pro dental delivery system with evolved performance

Innovative control

The Control Pad 5 (CP5) and Control Pad 5i (CP5i) show just what you need to know in the moment. Visual cues, audible tones, and clear text confirm your commands so you can be confident as you practice.

A-dec CP5i control pad on an A-dec 300 Pro dental delivery system

A-dec 300 Pro delivery system features

Upgrade with A-dec+ Gateway
Optimize your dental practice efficiency and equipment longevity by adding the A-dec+ Gateway, which connects you to the A-dec+ technology platform.

Open platform design
Allows you to add new capabilities and future products as your dental practice evolves.

Intuitive, responsive user interface
Easily control all aspects of your equipment and integrated devices. Audible, visual, and contextual feedback ensures seamless communication and predictability.

Innovative 3- or 4-position control block design
Made with corrosion-resistant materials and a unique water flow system that helps prevent stagnant water where bacteria cangrow.

Pivoting, centrally mounted control head
Directs handpieces toward the oral cavity to minimize your movement, reducing strain and fatigue.

Self-contained waterline maintenance system
Includes a 2-liter water bottle, innovative control block, tubing made with AlphaSan, and ICX waterline treatment for simple and effective waterline maintenance.

Balanced flexarm with airbrake or manual height adjustment
Provides easy positioning and total stability as you work.


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