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Air Techniques ProVecta S-Pan Cephalometric X-Ray

Air Techniques ProVecta S-Pan Cephalometric X-Ray

Air Techniques ProVecta S-Pan Cephalometric X-Ray

The ProVecta S-Pan Ceph elevates your extraoral imaging capabilities with perfected extraoral imaging.

The 2D panoramic and cephalometric X-ray system offers ease of handling and optimal workflow, supported by an innovative 7” touch display. The system also comes with 2 high-end, modern CSL sensors that eliminate the tedious switching between panoramic X-ray and the cephalometric arm, reducing the risk of damaging the sensors or needing costly repairs from usage over time.

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  • Very fast scan in 4.1 seconds (lat. head)
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Low radiation dose
  • No sensor change from pan to ceph, 2 high-end CSL sensors are integrated
  • ProVecta S-Pan Ceph owes its excellent imaging performance to two innovative technologies: the high-end CSL sensor and the S-Pan technology, only available from Air Techniques
  • The modern and high-end CSL sensor technology enables better image quality and hence, significantly easier diagnosis
  • S-Pan technology uses a unique algorithm to compile 20 separate images into one pin sharp panoramic image at any spatial position of the tooth and jaw
  • From a single exposure, the system acquires 20 layers and slices them into 20,000 fragments, compiling them into the clearest, best image atomically
  • There are 17 panoramic programs + 5 programs for cephalometric X-ray recordings: Lateral head L, PA head, SMV (submentovertex), Waters view, and Hand


Part Number A7550
Maximum height 89.88″ | 2283mm
Weight without pedestal 286 lbs | 130 kg
Weight with pedestal 396 lbs | 180 kg
Height adjustment range 27.56’’ | 700mm
Dimensions including rotation (WxDxH) 76.20″ x 44.88″to 45.67″ x 89.88″ | 1938mm x 1140mm to 1160mm x 2283mm
Installation Wall Mount (Pedestal Optional)
Mains voltage 200-240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power 2.2 kVA
Magnification factor 1.14
Package Includes Complete Panoramic Xray with Ceph arm and installation requirements. Optional floor mount sold separately.
Tube voltage and current 60-99 kV, 4-16 mA
Focal spot size 0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration 2.8 mm AL
Model CSL Sensor
Pixel Size 100 µm
Active sensor surface 5.9 x 230.4 mm
Frame Rate 200 fps




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