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Air Techniques ProVecta HD Intraoral X-Ray

Air Techniques ProVecta HD Intraoral X-Ray

Air Techniques ProVecta HD Intraoral X-Ray

The ProVecta HD Intraoral X-ray offers a modern, slim design to fit the modern operatory.

Featuring the precision of a DC generator with a 0.4mm focal spot, this intraoral X-ray is a perfect companion to any ScanX PSP scanner. The DC tube reduces the patient radiation dose by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC units, ensuring greater safety for your patients and staff. It’s operator friendly and includes a right-angle technology tube head and with an intuitive icon driven control panel and adjustable mA and kV levels.

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  • Generator head handle allows precise positioning that stays in place
  • Choose from short (66″), medium (72″) and long (84″) extended arm lengths
  • Right-angle/parallel technology for precise alignment
  • Adjustable mA and kV levels
  • Optional rectangular radiation field collimator
  • DC technology allows constant radiation levels to ensure reliable image quality
  • Factory programmed dosage specifically set for each view when using ScanX® flexible phosphor plates (PSPs)


Part Number A6350-15S


A6336 – Single Stud Mounting Plate
A6330 – Dual Stud Mounting Plate

Power input 100-120V
Power rating (W) 500
Tube voltage (kVp) 60-70
Tube current (mA) 4-7
Tube length (in) 8” (12” Optional)
Exposure time (sec.) 0.04 – 2
Focal spot size (mm) 0.4 (IEC 60336)
Total filtration (mm) Min. 2.0 Al
Weight (lbs) 55/56/59 lbs (short/medium/long arm)
Storage height (in) 46“
Extended arm length (in) 66“, 72“, and 84“
Package Includes Mounting Plate, Complete X-ray with connections(3-wire, 2-wire, RJ11 and RJ45)


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