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Melag Chamber Protect

Melag Chamber Protect

The MELAG chamber cleaning set

Reliable cleaning and long-term protection that leaves your autoclave shining: The new MELAG chamber cleaning set removes even soiling that is invisible to the eye and thus saves the chamber and trays from discolouration and deposits.

For ideal cleaning results the Chamber Protect cleaning set, including a powerful cleaner and 50 lint-free cloths and 1 microfibre cloth, is perfectly matched to all MELAG autoclaves.

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  • ✓Powerful cleaner with 50 lint-free cloths and 1 microfibre cloth
  • ✓Particularly gentle on the material of the chamber and door seal
  • ✓Approved through extensive material compatibility tests
  • ✓Ideally matched to all MELAG steam sterilizers

Benefit from Chamber Protect when cleaning the chamber and trays once a week:

Apply Chamber Protect

Step 1

Apply Chamber Protect

Open the door of your autoclave, turn the device off and let it cool down. Next, apply approximately 2 sprays of Chamber Protect to the inside of the door and approximately 15 sprays into the chamber.
Spread Chamber Protect

Step 2

Spread Chamber Protect

Spread the cleaning spray over the entire stainless steel surfaces with one of the lint-free cloths. Allow the Chamber Protect spray to soak in for about 3 minutes.


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