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Melag Vacuclave 550 (50L steriliser)

Melag Vacuclave 550 (50L steriliser)

Melag Vacuclave 550 (50L steriliser)

Something BIG is coming: The large small autoclave.

Turn 2 into 1 – Compared to two alternative small autoclaves, Vacuclave 550 ensures significantly more capacity with a 40 % smaller footprint. Sterilize the maximum number of instruments in the minimum amount of space in record time.

Take a look at the Melag Vacuclave 550 Brochure


At a glance:

  • ✓Outstanding capacity: for up to 25 kg of instruments, 16 trays or 10 MELAstore Boxes
  • ✓Record operating times of only 12 minutes (without drying)
  • ✓Sustainability through innovation: patented Recovery, Coolify, Power Save Technology
  • ✓DRYtelligence – Intelligent drying for any loading configuration
  • ✓Batch approval directly on Vacuclave 550 with ProControl
  • ✓Extra large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive use
  • ✓Stand-alone use with external filling pump


Thanks to the extra-large chamber and pioneering innovations, you’ll be ready for all tasks with Vacuclave 550: Discover the advantages of our new 50 liter autoclave for energy-efficient, time- and cost-saving sterilization of your instruments:

  • Outstanding capacity: More space for a load of up to 25 kg on 16 trays or up to 10 MELAstore Boxes
  • Impressive speed: Patented Double Jacket Technology for record operating times
  • Intelligent drying: Shortening the drying time with DRYtelligence by up to 80 %
  • Uncompromising comfort: Extra-large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive operation as simple as your smartphone
  • Traceable documentation: Documentation and approval directly on the device with ProControl
  • Pioneering technologies: Recovery, Coolify, Power Save and DRYtelligence make Vacuclave 550 the cleanest solution – for your budget and the environment!


All round flexibility: Together, we customize Vacuclave 550 to your individual requirements. Arrange your free consultation appointment via online Live Demo or on-site at your practice and clinic.



The patented system for heat recovery deploys the heat from the used steam to generate new steam. The Recovery Technology not only reduces energy consumption by 15 % per cycle, but also heat dissipation into the decontamination room.


100 % reliability with 0 % cooling water – the patented Coolify Technology combines highly efficient air cooling with smart temperature monitoring. This allows you to enjoy your autoclave and the environment for a long time to come!


Vacuclave 550 proves true greatness: The new 50 liter autoclave combines environmental protection with economy. Due to pioneering prodcut-highlights, you will save electricity, water and thus a lot of money with every sterilization cycle:*

 More power, less energy: The four technologies presented above allow the powerful Vacuclave 550 to save energy worth around 2,200 €.*

✓ Saving water also means saving money: Vacuclave 550 saves 1,300,000 liters of water over the entire lifespan compared to fixed water devices.

✓ Because fewer devices result in lower costs: The service-friendly device concept halves the costs for maintenance and validation to around 6.100 €.*

* After approx. 14 years (with 5 cycles per day) compared to two conventional small autoclaves without the technologies presented.


Mount Basic

for sterilizing up to 25 kg instruments on up to 16 trays in one cycle

Mount Comfort

with loading drawer for ergonomic loading and unloading

Loading drawer

for sterilization of up to 10 MELAstore Boxes


These are over 10,000 good reasons to choose Vacuclave 550: Arrange a live sales demo in person or online in order to reduce your operating costs in the long-term!


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