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Form 3B+

Form 3B+

The Most Trusted Dental 3D Printer

The Form 3B+ provides dental professionals with maximum performance and versatility with an easy workflow. 3D print a wide variety of dental applications in-house with minimal interaction and unrivaled print accuracy and surface finish.

Fully Validated Workflows for the Practice and the Lab

The Formlabs Dental 3D printing ecosystem enables plug-and-play integration with your existing workflow for a seamless experience. The Form 3B+ is an all-encompassing digital workflow solution, including intuitive and innovative software, a resin portfolio for 10+ indications, including a wide variety of biocompatible materials, and simple, automated post-processing.

No matter if you are ready to scale or engage for the first time in digital dentistry, the Form 3B+ is ready to produce high-quality parts you’ll be proud to deliver, without hassle, or prohibitive costs.

Industry Leading Print Quality

The Form 3B+ is powered by our unique SLA printing process, delivering precise, unmatched surface finish and print accuracy across multiple dental applications when compared to other 3D printers.

The Form 3B+ delivers:

*Peace of Mind – Industry-leading print quality
*Precise – Unmatched surface detail and finishing
*Easy – Calibration free printing

The Easiest 3D Printer to Learn and Use

Bring dental dentistry to your practice or lab for the first time, or scale to dozens of machines, the Form 3B+ is ready to grow with your business.

Your Form 3B+ comes with:

One-hour personalized training call

Mess-free material handling

Start and track prints from anywhere with Remote Print and Dashboard

Simple, Low-Maintenance Resin Handling

The Form 3B+ Resin Tank lasts up to four months, reducing wasted resin and maintenance. Our cartridge system is designed to prevent spillage and keep your workspace clean, while minimizing resin waste at the same time. Spend less time cleaning your workspace and more time focusing on growing your business. After printing, use Form Wash and Form Cure streamline and automate rinsing and post-curing of prints.

Clean – Spill-free resin dispense system

Easy – Lightning fast and easy resin swap

Efficient – Intelligent resin release system

The Printer for Maximum Performance and Versatility

Produce a wide range of dental applications with our versatile printer and our dedicated dental resins, delivering high-performance parts with peace of mind through regulatory compliance and certified biocompatibility.

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Each Form 3B+ Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printer package includes a one-year warranty and the essential tools required to start printing.

Rapidly fabricate accurate, high-quality dental models, appliances, and prosthetics with the Form 3B+, an advanced desktop 3D printer developed for dental professionals. Print a single model in 20 minutes or produce up to 60 models in a single day.

The Form 3B+ is simple to set up and maintain with no specialized training required. Fully validated workflows remove the need for trial and error, and give you peace of mind.

Printer compatibility: Form 3B+

Is certified biocompatible.


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