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SoproLife – Intra-oral Camera

SoproLife – Intra-oral Camera

SoproLife – Intra-oral Camera

SoproLIFE intra-oral camera by Acteon

  • CCD high sensitivity ¼’’ CCD
  • Resolution (752×582) PAL ; (768×494) NTSC
  • Lighting : White Mode : 4 LED Blue Mode : 4
  • LED Adjustments : 4 pre-set positions (Extra-oral, Intra-oral, LIFE, Macro)
  • Freeze frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option)
  • Angle of view : 70°
  • Cable length : 2.5 m
  • Dimensions of the hand piece in mm : L.200 x W.30 x H.24
  • Weight : 78 g

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The Blue Revolution

Over the last five years, we applied all of our technical expertise, in conjunction with scientific and clinical researchers, to develop a patented technology which is based on the principle of fluorescence. The result of this effort is a revolutionary new device—SOPROLIFE*
With SOPROLIFE®, diagnose occlusal or interproximal caries… differentiate with outstanding accuracy, healthy tissue from infected tissue, and only excavate the decayed area.
SOPROLIFE becomes an indispensable aid for the practitioner preferring minimally invasive dentistry.

Diagnosis aid mode

“Use SOPROLIFE to enhance your vision during clinical examination”
With SOPROLIFE, gain more accuracy in identifying, determining the location of, and evaluating a decayed lesion with an image magnification of 30 to 100 times. Alerts are expressed by variations of auto fluorescence linked to a magnified vision of the amelodentinal architecture. The interpretation follows the LIFE-D.T.*concept (extract from the SOPROLIFE Clinical Guide).

“See the invisible”
SOPROLIFE provides better detection of decays than other available devices. It also detects proximal lesions, unlike other devices, thanks to its ergonomic design.

“Time-saving diagnosis”
The speed of diagnosis and proposing a treatment protocal is greatly increased.

“Less X-ray exposure for your patients”
The fluorescence imagery of SOPROLIFE surpasses the limits of digital radiology in the detection of the lesions of hard tissues (LIFE-D.T.*concept – extract from the SOPROLIFE Clinical Guide).

Treatment aid mode

“The end of blind treatment”
The fluorescence images produced in the treatment aid mode show a differentiation of pre-operative healthy tissue versus diseased tissue.

“Improve your clinical performance with ease and eliminate the guess work”
Differentiation of diseased versus healthy tissue allows the dentists to make precise preparations that are less invasive and allow him/her to control waterproofing of the walls before filling. In treatment aid modem it is specifically oriented on dentine whereas in diagnosis aid mode, it focuses on enamel structure. In prosthetics treatment, it informs the dentist on the quality of the tissues before sealing the restoration.

  • Trace the history of the lesion and its evolution in order to guide your treatment.
  • Be informed about the quality of tissues to determine the limits of exeresis and preserve the pulp.
  • Guarantee the permanence of dental care – preserve the teeth of your patients.
  • Comfort your patient with increased longevity of your prosthetic restorations.

Daylight mode

“The SOPROLIFE is the only fluorescence camera in the world offering two different types of vision”
The daylight mode allows you to get acquainted with images in blue light by comparing them with images under white light. This mode allows a specific observation of the structures surrounding the tooth such as the periodontium, whereas the blue light focuses on the tissues of the tooth. You can shift from one mode to the other and preserve the communication with your patient.

The SOPROLIFE easily adapts into any dental practice thanks to its versatility, sleek profile, and ease of use.

“From portrait to macro vision”
No matter which position is selected, the image is clear immediately thanks to the  very large depth of field that the SOPROLIFE offers.

“Unmatched image quality”
Developed around a 1/4″ CCD and high quality electronics, this highly sophisticated optical unit allows the SOPROLIFE to provide unsurpassed image quality for each mode in white as well as in blue light.

Enter a new era… discover the Blue Revolution.


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