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Sopro 617 – Intra-oral Camera

Sopro 617 – Intra-oral Camera

Sopro 617 – Intra-oral Camera

Sopro 617 intra-oral camera by Acteon

  • optimised ergonomics
  • high fidelity images
  • unmatched lighting system
  • auto focus and large depth of field
  • “”Sopro-touch”” image capture

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Optimised ergonomics

Its elegant (curved) design improves viewing access in the patient’s mouth. The 105° angle of view (a 15 degree increase) differentiates it from other cameras on the market by allowing for better exploration of the distal areas. This optimized angle of view enables perfect visibility in the hard-to-reach rear areas.

High-fidelity images

The new optical system of SOPRO 617 is equipped with an aspheric lens which eliminates distortion and provides a more uniform quality image. Its optimised angle of view enables perfect visibility even into the hard-to-reach rear areas of the mouth.

Unmatched lighting system

The new SOPRO 617 lighting system is composed of the latest generation LED’s which utilise condensers to focus the light and produce a very powerful beam:

  • the image is luminous in any circumstance
  • the emitted heat is reduced
  • the entire image is uniformly illuminated (minimal shading)

Auto-focus and large depth of field

With no adjustment necessary, the obtained image is perfectly clear. This fully-automatic focus save time and is effective without any intervention from you.

SOPRO Touch, The “”original””

Freeze one or four images on the screen with a simple glide over the SOPRO Touch. The sensitivity of this touch prevents blurry images and allows you to work in complete confidence.


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