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Midmark VetAssure B18 and B23

Midmark VetAssure B18 and B23

Midmark VetAssure B18 and B23

The larger capacity Midmark VetAssure Sterilisers sit comfortably on a standard work bench. Fast,pre-programmed cycles ensure rapid throughput with no bottlenecks to interrupt your instrument processing flow.

Class B cycles ensure maximum steam-to-instrument contact with even temperature distribution, resulting in thorough sterilisation of intricate instruments,including those with long lumens. A vacuum pluse at the end of the cycle guarantees fast, full drying of the load.

Either use the self-priming pump to fill your steriliser,capacity up to 10 cycles,or connect to your treated water supply. Drain manually after several cycles or connect the unit to your drainage system.

Two year warranty

B18 Code VB187000 – From $8,415.00
B23 Code VB2370000 – From $9,315.00

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