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Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Endo Success Retreatment Kit

Description: The new Endo Success Retreatment kit addresses the problems most commonly met during non-surgical endodontic retreatment procedures.

The metals used for this line of mini-tips have been chosen for the specific conditions under which the instruments are used in the course of this type of clinical application. The use of the new Titanium-Niobium alloy is a major innovation, giving optimal ultrasonic use in the most delicate circumstances. This alloy has been chosen for its remarkable mechanical performance and complete biocompatibility — providing optimal clinical performances.

It has an alpha-beta microcrystalline structure which provides the best stability/time ratio under intensive usage.

With a three-micron diameter, three to four times smaller than that of standard steel, the grain of the metal gives unsurpassed ultrasonic transmission, allowing the practitioner the freedom to work at high power while maintaining both the flexibility and resistance required.

The Newtron technology in Satelec piezoelectric units delivers unbeatable tip efficiency. The instruments are driven with great precision and respond faithfully to the power settings chosen by the practitioner.

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