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  • Endo Success Apical Surgery Kit

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    Uses: These instruments are recommended for use by Endodontists or dental professionals trained in the use of operating microscopes. Kit Includes: Delivered with an AS3D, AS6D, AS9D, ASLD, and ASRD tips, an autoclavable metal support and an autoclavable universal wrench. Description: This new concept for micro-apical surgery, called 3-6-9, is exclusive to Satelec and follows the current trend towards minimally-invasive surgical techniques. The kit consists of five instruments all designed to address different anatomical configurations. Together with a new diamond coating that enhances the instruments’ efficacy, these tips not only allow for more precise and better controlled retro endodontic treatment, but also conserve more bone and dental tissues. The root canal is preserved, even though the infection is treated at its origin in the canal system. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Endo Success Retreatment Kit

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    Description: The new Endo Success Retreatment kit addresses the problems most commonly met during non-surgical endodontic retreatment procedures. The metals used for this line of mini-tips have been chosen for the specific conditions under which the instruments are used in the course of this type of clinical application. The use of the new Titanium-Niobium alloy is a major innovation, giving optimal ultrasonic use in the most delicate circumstances. This alloy has been chosen for its remarkable mechanical performance and complete biocompatibility — providing optimal clinical performances. It has an alpha-beta microcrystalline structure which provides the best stability/time ratio under intensive usage. With a three-micron diameter, three to four times smaller than that of standard steel, the grain of the metal gives unsurpassed ultrasonic transmission, allowing the practitioner the freedom to work at high power while maintaining both the flexibility and resistance required. The Newtron technology in Satelec piezoelectric units delivers unbeatable tip efficiency. The instruments are driven with great precision and respond faithfully to the power settings chosen by the practitioner. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Excavus Tip Kit

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    Uses: Ultrasonic minimally invasive excavation Kit Includes: Delivered with EX1, EX2, EX3, EX-L, EX-R tips, an autoclavable metal support and an autoclavable universal wrench. Description: This complete range of Excavus ultrasonic mini-tips is ideal for creating small-volume proximal cavities that take into account the demands of and performance expected from adhesive conservative dentistry. The distinctive geometry of each tip guarantees its efficiency in even the most difficult operating situations, while preserving the integrity of adjacent teeth and healthy structures for improved patient comfort. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Implant Protect Kit

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    Uses: The Implant Protect tips are designed for the indepth cleaning of implants and the treatment of peri-implantitis.  Included in Kit: This kit is delivered with IP1, IP2L, IP2R, IP3L, IP3R tips, an autoclavable metal support and an universal wrench. Description: The IMPLANT PROTECT kit guarantees reliable and complete implant debridement for the surgical and non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. Manufactured from pure titanium, IMPLANT PROTECT tips preserve the implant surface and the mechanical action of titanium avoids the transfer of material on the implant and limits the alteration of the surface.  These actions reduce the risk of bacterial recontamination. The Implant Protect tips are compatible with the full range of PURE NEWTRON piezoelectric ultrasonic devices from ACTEON. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Perfect Margin Shoulder Kit

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    Description: This complete kit of ultrasonic tips allows perfect positioning of the intra-sulcular finishing lines. Developed under the scientific supervision of renowned university lecturers, the Perfect Margin kit of four mini-tips is specially designed to prepare dentinal tissue quickly and safely in areas too delicate to use a diamond bur. With three quarter-rounded tips and one conical shaped tip (and different surfaces – diamond- coated in two grit sizes or smooth), there is a Perfect Margin tip for each sequence of the procedure. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Perio Kit

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    Uses: The PerioPrecision micro-tips, makes it possible to carry out a complete ultrasonic pocket treatment, even when the periodontium is very thin. These are the finest instruments available today, ideal for the debridement, for cleaning the tightest interproximal spaces, especially between overlapping crowns and root systems. Kit Includes: 4x Dynamometric Wrenches, 4 x Tips - 1S, H3, H4-L, H4-R, and 1x autoclavable box. Description: These Perio mini-tips make it possible to perform a full-mouth periodontal debridement. The calculus are removed methodically crisscrossing all root surfaces, while the biofilm is disrupted and eliminated by irrigation. Low lateral pressure combined with very low amplitude, provide tactile sensitivity unequalled by any other ultrasonic tip, and painless treatment. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure
  • Scaling Kits (Prophylaxis)

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    NEW Configuration featuring round torque wrenches Uses: Prophylaxis / dental hygiene in general dentistry. Dental scaling kit. Kit Includes: Delivered with an autoclavable plastic box, the #1, the 10Z, and the H3 tips, two autoclavable blue torque wrenches, and 1 autoclavable green torque wrench. Description: These 3 supra- and subgingival scaling tips are ideal for treating common prophylaxis cases (pockets <3-4mm). All tips come with color coded bands that correspond to their recommended power level. The tips must be oriented tangentially to the surface being treated and must be moved in a back-and-forth sweeping motion, over the whole surface, without excessive lateral pressure. Removing thick deposits may require using the Boost mode for short periods. Take a look at the Perfectly In Tune Satalec Tips Brochure