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What you need to know about the Air’N Go Easy Teeth Cleaning

What you need to know about the Air’N Go Easy Teeth Cleaning
October 21, 2019 Presidental

While the world turns, advancements are made in every field, and dental treatment procedures are no different. Customers expect the absolute very best service and their practitioners to provide the best facilities. Presidental is excited to share a revolutionary new technique with you today, Airflow Teeth Cleaning using the Air’N Go Easy.

What is Airflow Teeth Cleaning?

Airflow Teeth Cleaning is a procedure which removes stains from teeth with a continuous stream of compressed air which is mixed with water and bicarbonate particles. It is similar to sandblasting, but the material used is obviously suitable for teeth. This is a great way of whitening teeth when the client wants their teeth to return to their original colour. Tea, coffee, wine, curry and tobacco are common causes of stains on teeth and the Air’N Go Easy will make light work of these stains, provided they are tended to in a timely manner. It takes only 30 minutes to complete and the ultrasonic properties remove tartar at the same time.

So, why choose this over traditional methods?

Effective cleaning

It is a very effective method of cleaning teeth. There is no anesthetic required, it is powered by air and the powder provides the polishing effect. Because it is powered by airflow, the flow reaches within 5mm of the periodontal socket and this alone makes it more effective than conventional methods.

Patient comfort

Almost every patient has the same feeling when they see the dentist grabbing the tools they use to scrape the tartar from the teeth – they’re scared. There is a great number of people who dislike dental visits due to the fear factor alone. If patient comfort is increased, you can be sure that your patients will be more likely to return.

Teeth sensitivity

There is a huge reduction in the amount of discomfort since no chemicals are present during the procedure. Enamel is not impacted in any way and airflow actually encourages the remineralisation of damaged teeth.

Faster Cleaning

Conventional methods are three times slower than using the Air’N Go Easy, which means that it will put more money in your pocket. Quicker turn around time means more clients, which means more money.

So, what’s the verdict?

Well, it should be clear by now that Air’N Go Easy Teeth Cleaning should be used by every dental practitioner where applicable. Obviously it will need to be treated on a case by case basis, but for the most part, it is quicker, faster and less painful than traditional methods.

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