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What's The Difference Between The X-Mind Unity & X-Mind DC?

What’s The Difference Between The X-Mind Unity & X-Mind DC?
March 8, 2019 Presidental

Acteon’s X-mind range of digital intraoral x-ray machines is industry leading. Dentists in NSW operating an X-mind DC may, however, have cause to wonder what the newer version, the X-mind Unity, has to offer.
While there’s no doubt that the X-mind Unity incorporates advanced features for improved safety and convenience, dentists may be curious as to whether this newer model will significantly benefit their practice to justify the investment. In this article, we will compare the X-mind DC with the X-mind Unity to assist dental clinics in assessing whether the upgrade will enhance their daily operations.

The main features of the X-mind DC

  • Can be used in conjunction with a digital sensor or traditional film.
  • A high focus-to-skin distance results in better protection for patient and operator.
  • Easy rotation and positioning.
  • Available in top mounted, bottom mounted or portable configurations.
  • Programmable timer.
  • 0.7mm focal spot.

The main features of the X-mind Unity

  • Fully integrated SOPIX Inside digital sensor.
  • A high focus-to-skin distance results in better protection for patient and operator.
  • Easy rotation and positioning.
  • Automatic Controlled Exposure (ACE) System which can reduce patient exposure by up to 52%.
  • Automatic recording of patient dosage with SOPRO Imaging software.
  • Available in top mounted, bottom mounted or portable configurations, with three different arm lengths.
  • Easy maneuverability with one-handed operation.
  • 0.4mm focal spot.

Key differences between the X-mind DC and X-mind Unity

The SOPIX Inside digital sensor

The main advantage of the X-mind Unity is the option of integrated SOPIX Inside digital sensor. The SOPIX Inside can be connected to the X-mind without any need for unsightly external cables. Furthermore, The X-mind is pre-wired to be compatible with the SOPIX Inside, so connecting the two is as simple as plugging it in and starting work! This seamless and functional design provides superior convenience and comfort for both operator and patient.

Minimum patient dosage

The X-mind Unity minimises overexposure more effectively than the X-mind DC because it incorporates the cutting-edge ACE system alongside the integrated SOPIX Inside. The SOPIX Inside and X-mind Unity communicate to assess the necessary dose for the patient based on their dental morphology. Overexposure becomes a thing of the past, as do unnecessary retakes!

Improved traceability

When using the SOPIX Inside in conjunction with the X-mind Unity, the dose received by the patient automatically appears on the timer’s screen after each exposure. It is then immediately logged in the patient’s SOPRO-imaging file for enhanced and permanent traceability.

Sharper images

The X-mind Unity has a 0.4mm focal point, whereas the X-mind DC’s is 0.7mm. The improved focal point, combined with the X-mind Unity’s configurable radiological settings, results in a much sharper and better-contrasted image.

Premium design
The X-mind Unity is a premium Italian designed unit, with futuristic contours and clean lines, which will complement any cutting edge surgery design. The wall timer also has an LED screen, which makes settings easier to see, and the unit has a much more contemporary look and feel.

The final word

A comparison of the various features of both the X-mind Unity and X-mind DC reveal that the X-mind Unity certainly offers the best results for patient and operator safety, and user convenience. The fact that all of the X-mind Unity features are fully integrated, including the digital sensor and software, enhances operational efficiency. It’s certainly designed to make acquiring sharp and contrasted intraoral x-rays easily achievable!

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