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W&H Synea Power Edition WK-900 LT Contra-angle Handpiece

W&H Synea Power Edition WK-900 LT Contra-angle Handpiece

W&H Synea Power Edition WK-900 LT Contra-angle Handpiece

WK-900 LT

Synea Power Edition: For the hardest materials

The Synea Power Edition is especially designed for heavy-duty applications, such as the removal of decayed materials, cavities, fillings, crowns, and bridges. These new high-speed contra-angle handpieces with a unique black push-button are built extra strong and durable.

They are the optimal solution for advanced ceramic material like zirconia that is increasingly being used in restorative dentistry. Thus, this up-to-date addition to the Synea family is the perfect complement to your existing handpiece range.

  • Contra-angle handpiece 1:4, 3-fold spray, head size Ø 10.7 mm, head height 22.9 mm (with bur 19 mm), max. motor speed 40,000 rpm, coupling ISO 3964
  • Indications

  • Cutting of crowns and bridges
  • Cavities and crown preparation
  • Removal of fillings

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For heavy-duty applications

Zirconia-based dental restorations are becoming used more commonly. However, limited attention has been given to the difficulties experienced, concerning cutting, in removing the restorations when needed. Dental zirconia has posed a problem in removal due to its high flexural strength and hardness. Attempts to section dental zirconia often result in destroying multiple burs, loss of chair time, and frustration by the dentist and patient. Cutting of Zir [Zirconia] took about 1.5- and 7-fold longer than cutting of LD [lithium disilicate glass– ceramic] and L [leucite glass–ceramic], respectively.


Studies show that

high cutting force will decrease cutting efficiency on zirconia, rather than improve it.(1)

a higher force for cutting of Zirconia  increases the damage to the diamond burs, resulting in a decrease of the total cutting depth.(1)

higher force may cause more damage to super coarse burs, which may decrease their cutting efficiency over time.(3)

The removal of zirconia restorations is a demanding procedure. Conventional contra-angle handpieces are struggling to keep up with cutting performance. Applying even more load to improve removal rate wears out the bur much faster (1, 3) and may risk thermal damage to vital teeth (2).

With the Synea Power Edition cutting efficiency is improved without having to apply extra heavy loads.

Extra robust chucking system for higher clamping force

With an unbelievable 20% increase in clamping force, the newly designed FG chucking system is made for heavy-load applications.

Multiple spray with high water flow for proper cooling

With three enlarged nozzles smartly placed around the bur and a water flow of more than 50 ml/min, the Synea Power Edition provides an impressive cooling and cutting level.

The integrated maintenance-free spray filter reliably prevents nozzle clogging and ensures a constant high-water quality.

All good things come in threes

With the special Synea 900-series, W&H has designed three extra powerful speed-increasing transmission instruments.

The premium line of the Synea range – the Synea Vision – is complemented with the WK-900 LT.

Synea qualities at a glance


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