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Primea RK-97L Turbine Handpiece

Primea RK-97L Turbine Handpiece

Primea RK-97L Turbine Handpiece

Primea Advanced Air High-Speed Handpieces

Lightweight air-driven handpieces with power like an electric.

Additional Primea Advanced Air features:

  • Optimal view with Ring LED+ (Primea 500)
  • Perfect cooling with 5x spray
  • Two operating modes: Torque Mode (provides immediate high torque as soon as the bur is loaded) and Tactile Mode (provides a softer ramp-up to high torque when the bur is loaded)
  • Small head for maximum access
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Superior tactile feedback with quiet operation
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • RK-97L has penta-LED to eliminate shadows on the bur

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Adjustable Bur Speed

You regulate the speed. The Primea Advanced Air high-speed handpiece can be set to a value between 60,000 and 320,000 rpm.

With one handpiece, you can now efficiently cover the entire range of high-speed procedures: effortless opening of cavities, easy cutting of crowns and bridges, quick and safe removal of old filings, and precise finishing of preparation margins.

Constant Removal Rate

With the award-winning Advanced Air technology, loss of speed is a thing of the past.

A sensor in the head of the handpiece constantly measures the actual rotation speed of the bur on the tooth, immediately adjusting the air supply to maintain maximum treatment efficacy at all times.


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