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NSK VIVA ace mobile dentistry system

NSK VIVA ace mobile dentistry system

NSK VIVA ace mobile dentistry system

Model: NSK VIVA ace mobile dentistry system
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As we live in unprecedented times, the VIVA ace offers the opportunity to visit
and treat shielded patients. It is also perfect as a surgery back up, as clinical time will soon to be even more valuable as we move forward.

Technology & Function

Ideally Suited for All Requirements of State-of-the-Art Dentistry
With our unique 180-degree vector torque control technology it is possible to achieve high torque and smooth rotation within both high and low speed rotational ranges. Ideally suited to the requirements of dental practice.

Ultrasonic Scaler
NSK iPiezo Ultrasonic Engine
Provides the appropriate power at the tip end adapting to tooth conditions for firm or soft tartar. Safe scaling is possible even when removing hard tartar.

Full Endodontic Functionality
Torque range from 0.3 – 3.0 Ncm including auto-stop and auto-reverse functions for endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment can be performed with direct drive (1:1) contra-angle.

Comprehensive Tip Range
NSK offers more than 70 tips to optimize treatments in various clinical procedures, from caries removal to endodontic treatment and oral hygiene applications.

Foot Controls
For Treatments Performed by Just One Practitioner
The micromotor, ultrasonic scaler and suction can be switched ON/OFF using one foot control in Sync mode.

For Treatment Performed by 2 Operators, 1 Dentist / Hygienist and 1 Dental Nurse
Switch micromotor, ultrasonic scaler and suction ON/OFF using two foot controls. The two in combination lets the dentist concentrate on operating the micromotor and scaler.

Control Panel
Intuitive easy to read control panel.

Very easy to maintain.

Option Tool
Light Probe
Bright illumination of the oral cavity in any treatment environment. Good accessibility with a slim body that also makes it possible to access hard-to-see areas.


  • Dimensions: W 462 x D 298 x H 284 mm
  • Unit Weight: 8.6 kg
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz


  • VIVA ace Basic Set / VIVA ace Motor Kit / VIVA ace Scaler Kit



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