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Melag Cliniclave 45 D (105L Pass Through)

Melag Cliniclave 45 D (105L Pass Through)

Melag Cliniclave 45 D (105L Pass Through)

Double-door large steam sterilizer for practice and clinic use

Fitted with an XXL colour-touch display on both sides, the double-door Cliniclave is loaded and started on the “impure side.” Unloading and approval are performed on the “pure side.” This large steam sterilizer from the Cliniclave series brings the advantages of the single door 1 and 2 sterilization unit steam sterilizers – record operating times, excellent drying results, integrated documentation and approval software, EN 1717 conformity and an individual loading concept. The tray mounts and possible loading configurations (of trays, containers and mesh instrument baskets) and the loading system can be used with all devices in the Cliniclave series.

Of especial note is the innovative installation and maintenance concept in comparison to other pass-through devices. Mounted on freely-moving casters, the Cliniclave 45 D can be slid into an opening in the wall and pulled out for any maintenance purposes. An especially adapted system of stainless steel covers enables the complete covering of the surrounding wall surface without the need for extra work.

With a loading capacity of up to 40 kg unwrapped and 35 kg wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg textiles, the Cliniclave 45 D enables a considerably greater performance than the majority of comparable large steam sterilizers. Used in connection with specially designed tray mounts, the cylindrical sterilization chamber provides the best solution for all departments. Especially fast operating times, a high loading capacity and reliable sterilization security represent the most important requirements for a large steam sterilizer in practice and clinic use. The quick operating times produced by the patented double-walled sterilization chamber of the Cliniclave 45 D make it the cornerstone of instrument decontamination. The Cliniclave 45 D represents the ideal large steam sterilizer for clinics, practices and outpatient centres, requiring efficiency and planning for expansion.

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Quick facts

  • ✓Double-door large steam sterilizer with 1 STU (105 L) sterilization chamber
  • ✓Innovative device concept for easy installation and maintenance
  • ✓Up to 40 kg load, especially fast sterilization program
  • ✓DRYtelligence – intelligent drying for every loading configuration
  • ✓MELAconnect App – access the device status and program progress via the mobile app


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