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Enbio Pro, B Class Steriliser (5.1L)

Enbio Pro, B Class Steriliser (5.1L)

Enbio Pro, B Class Steriliser (5.1L)

Process times

All process times are drying included. Start-to-end, from instrument insertion to having them ready.

FAST / 134°C
9 min

Class B / 134°C
18 min

Class B / 121°C
30 min

Wrapped PRION
Class B / 134°C
43 min

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Load capacity per process

Usable load space

Water supply

Enbio uses distilled water from external tank.

Power supply

Enbio Pro works with any typical electrical outlet.

Data archiving

All process data are automatically written to a USB disk.

Process reports

Dedicated software for process data reading and printing.

Pressure and temperature

Working pressure 2.1 Bar
Max. pressure 2.3 Bar
Max. process temperature 138°C


Power supply 220-240V/50-60Hz
Installed power 3,25 kW
Max. power consumption 15 A


Ingress protection IP20
Data archiving USB stick
Water conductivity* < 15 μS/cm


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