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Bevisto Bio Hygiene start up pack

Bevisto Bio Hygiene start up pack

Bevisto Bio Hygiene start up pack

Start your surgery with our complimentary* Start-Up Pack, which includes:

1 x Aluminimum Flight Case with key lock security

1 x BevistoW1 – 500mL (Suction cleaner) approximately 5 x treatments pH 0.6 Acidic – (5% solution)

1 x BevistoW2 – 500mL (Suction cleaner) appproximately 12.5 x treatments pH 11 Alkaline – (2% solution)

1 x Bevisto-Instrumental – 100 mL (Ultrasonic cleaners and soaking trays) approximately 2.5 treatments

1 x BevistoCryl – 500mL (Ready for use on dental chairs/working areas) refills BevistoCryl Foam Dispenser.

1 x BevistoCryl Foam Dispenser – 200ml (Ready for use on dental chairs/working areas)

1 x BevistoSurface – 500mL (Floors) concentrate – 1 litre makes approximately 50 litres of ready to use.

10 Pack Bio Hygiene Wipes – size: 17cm x 26cm, 45 gsm spun-lace. Used in conjunction with BevistoCryl and/or Foam Dispenser

1 x Laminated Weekly Planner (W1-W2 Weekly Calendar for record of each chair’s maintenance schedule)

Start-up pack is provided FREE of charge upon product briefing. The pack is complimentary (save $305!) based on the proviso that a refill order is made once the start-up pack has been depleted. A visit will be made to check-in on the use of the start-up pack approximately 4 weeks after delivery of the start-up pack, and to provide assistance with products required for re-ordering. Presidental reserves the right to retrieve any start-up pack products not being used at the 4-week follow up visit.



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