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  • Melag Careclave

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    The revolution of instrument reprocessing The standard compliant and gentle reprocessing of dental handpieces often poses a challenge in terms of time and money. But that will now come to an end: Nine years of intensive research and development have brought together what belongs together. Careclave combines the entire reprocessing workflow in only one device in order to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency: 1. Cleaning & disinfection Careclave guarantees the best cleaning and disinfection outcomes for the reprocessing of up to 8 transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler tips in only 16 minutes. 2. Lubrication Careclave takes care of your handpieces and turbines at lightning speed. And that is not all: The unique ADDcare station even performs the lubrication of the chuck system directly at Careclave after the end of a program. 3. Sterilization (class B) With the patented DRYtelligence and double jacket technology, Careclave provides everything you expect from a modern Class B autoclave – and even more: Sterilize up to 11 kg loads on up to 8 trays or in 4 MELAstore Boxes in record time. The revolutionary chamber concept also enables the reprocessing and care of instruments in the Carebox as well as the simultaneous sterilization of additional instruments on short trays in just one cycle. 4. Documentation & approval Perform the documentation process directly on the large Smart-Touch Display without any extra software solution. ProControl ensures digital proof of a successful reprocessing procedure quickly, safely and paper-free. For complete traceability, the log files are saved on the MELAG USB stick or in your network. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=murUtelsvVg Take a look at the Melag Careclave Brochure