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Melag MELAtherm10

Melag MELAtherm10

Washer-disinfector with active drying and short operating times

The MELAtherm 10 is a washer disinfector complying with the EN 15883 European Standard. It is ideally used in processing instruments by machine.

Take a look at the Melag MELAtherm10 Brochure


With compact external dimensions, the MELAtherm 10 offers full features without any additional charge:

  • Active drying protects the instruments from re-contamination, corrosion and damage
  • Batch documentation with the CF card or network at no extra charge
  • Feeding process agents  with the dosing unit space-saving in the device
  • Helpful user tutorials on our multimedia portal
  • Extended maintenance cycles of 24 months or 1000 cycles
  • Practice-optimized washing chamber: With more than 80 baskets and accessories, you can customize the loading configuration to your needs. Reprocess instruments for up to 45 patients quickly and economically in one cycle. For more information please watch our fact check video.


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