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Presidental was started in 1998 by Scott Donoghoe who had been already working in the dental industry for over 10 years. Scott saw the need for a company that provided a quality service outside of the Sydney area and hence Newcastle was the chosen location to start their dental equipment servicing business. As Presidental has grown, so too has their reputation, and pic_about_usPresidental now find that Sydney surgeries are prepared to pay for Presidental to travel the M1 Motorway instead of using their local suppliers. Presidental are proud of this and believe that their skill and commitment to customer service everyday is why they are selected.

Presidental started with servicing dentistry equipment. The vision was to become the technical leaders and to do this, a constant commitment to training and research was needed. This commitment has seen Presidental staff travel all over Australia to training seminars, engage in extra vocational training in electronics and engineering, and to travel to the head office of W&H in Austria and A-dec in Portland Oregon, Sirona in Germany for in depth product training from the head engineers of these multi-nationals. In addition to this, an enormous amount of knowledge has been gained from working on 1,000’s of surgeries all over Australia. That means Presidental have the practical experience to solve complex problems fast and more importantly prevent problems before they result in costly down time.

Due to their growing reputation early in 2011 the major dental equipment manufacturers approached Presidental to become distributors for their products. Companies such as W&H, A-dec and Acteon knew that if Presidental had been solving and preventing so many problems within surgeries, and they had seen different surgeon techniques and what equipment had worked and what hadn’t, that they would be the perfect partner to promote these high quality products. The reason for this – Presidental provides dentists with complimentary equipment to their style, and thus result in less retrofitting after installation and happier customers. Over the years this is exactly what has happened, and why more dentists choose to work with Presidental than any other company.


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