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Acteon Newtron Tips For Emergency Cases

Acteon Newtron Tips For Emergency Cases
April 2, 2020 Presidental

When it comes to emergency endodontic procedures, the Acteon Newtron tips should always be your go-to! Below we have explained everything that’s included in the Endosuccess Apical Surgery Kit and outlined all of the highlights:

The ENDOSUCCESS™ APICAL SURGERY Kit contains five ultrasonic instruments designed to address all anatomical configurations, for a retrograde preparation of the canal system up to 10 mm.

Tips are diamond-coated only on the extremity in order not to over-prepare the canal. The retro endodontic treatment is, therefore, better controlled, but also conserves more bone and dental tissue. The root canal is preserved, even though the infection is treated at its origin in the canal system.

These instruments are recommended for use by endodontists or dental professionals trained in the use of operating microscopes.

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